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Child Psychotherapy Play Therapy

Child Psychotherapy Play Therapy focuses on helping children and teens by using evidence based techniques which include Cognitive Behaviour Play Therapy (CBPT), Theraplay®, Child Centered Play Therapy, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Filial Therapy as well as play based strategies including art and sandtray. Certified Play Therapists let children explore, act and practice new ways of coping and managing their emotions in a safe and supportive environment.


Theraplay® is a playful and engaging method of treatment that significantly improves the lives of children and their families. Theraplay® is based on attachment theories and research.

The Marschak Interaction Method Assessment

The Marschak Interaction Method Assessment® (MIM) (Marschak, 1960) is a structured observation technique where the trained assessor observes from behind a one-way mirror while the participants interact with each other.

Trauma Assessment

This is a clinical child psychotherapy assessment, that helps to identify reactions and change following a traumatic event (i.e. death of a loved one, apprehension from family, multiple family placements, fire, physical, sexual or emotional abuse). Information that is gathered is used for therapeutic reasons only and not for legal purposes in a family or criminal court.

Structured Sibling Visitation Sessions

This method of treatment is for siblings who have been separated due to foster care issues but need and want to continue to see each other.

Parent Counselling and Supports

Family First Play Therapy Centre Inc. offers parent support for foster, adoptive, and birth parents.

School Support Services

We specialize in helping students understand their own learning strengths to gain mastery over their learning challenges. Our program helps the child integrate new information into a solid understand and promotes self-confidence to achieve academic success.

Family First Now Offers Psycho Educational and Psychological Assessments for Children.

These assessments are comprehensive and look to identify children’s strengths and areas of challenge. Psychological assessments are designed to explore cognitive, academic, social, emotional and behavioural concerns in order to support children’s success across their environments. Additionally, psychological assessments offer a formalized report that will provide an overview of the child’s strengths and challenges, as well as recommendations and diagnosis where appropriate. This is often essential in providing children the support they need in school. Beginning the process now can help a child be better equipped for success in the next school year.

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