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Our team of caring professionals provide services for children and their families coping with emotional, attachment, social and behavioural problems.

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Family First Play Therapy Centre: Helping Children and Families in Burlington and Bradford since 2000

Family First Play Therapy Centre was established in the year 2000 after Lorie Walton, M.Ed, RP, completed her certifications as a Play Therapist and Theraplay therapist.


Originally a Special Needs Resource Teacher, in an elementary school, she knew that mental health services for young children was lacking and felt that her passion for helping children would be better used in
the private sector.


Since opening, Lorie and her team have supported 1000’s of children and families to heal from trauma, attachment, regulation, behavioural, educational and developmental challenges.


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Psychological and Educational Assessments for Children and Youth by Qualified Psychologist

Family First offers Psychological and Educational Assessment for Children and Youth by Qualified Psychologist.


As children grow and develop, they sometimes have trouble learning in school, difficulty concentrating, or problems getting along with others.When this happens, a psychological assessment can pinpoint where the difficulties lie.


Psychological assessments at Family First offers insights into a child’s learning, social, behavioral and personality development, with the goal of tailoring recommendations to plan a child’s educational and mental health needs. The Family First Psychological & Educational Assessment program provides a broad range of testing services to school -age children and youth which concludes with a comprehesive report summarizing educational and mental health recommendations and next steps.


Psychological Benefits may be applied with minimal wait tomes.


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Nightmares, unsettled sleep or food issues.


Problems resulting from a frightful or traumatic experience.


Attachment disruption as a result of death, divorce, illness, adoption or foster care.


Problems resulting from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.


Difficulty making friends, and feeling confident in life.


Issues arising from anxiety, stress, and unsettled behaviours.


Lack of development of social skills.

Family First Now Offers Psycho Educational and Psychological Assessments for Children.

These assessments are comprehensive and look to identify children’s strengths and areas of challenge. Psychological assessments are designed to explore cognitive, academic, social, emotional and behavioural concerns in order to support children’s success across their environments. Additionally, psychological assessments offer a formalized report that will provide an overview of the child’s strengths and challenges, as well as recommendations and diagnosis where appropriate. This is often essential in providing children the support they need in school. Beginning the process now can help a child be better equipped for success in the next school year.

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