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Our caring team of professionals provide services for children and their families coping with emotional, attachment, social and behavioural problems.

Sleep Disturbances

Nightmares, unsettled sleep or food issues.

Trauma and fear

Problems resulting from a frightful or traumatic experience.

Attachment Disruption

Attachment disruption as a result of death, divorce, illness, adoption or foster care.

Anxiety and Stress

Issues arising from anxiety, stress, and unsettled behaviours.

Social isolation and low self-esteem

Difficulty making friends, and feeling confident in life.


Problems resulting from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.

Social Skills

Lack of development of social skills.

Family First now offers Psycho Educational and Psychological Assessments for children.

These assessments are comprehensive and look to identify children’s strengths and areas of challenge. Psychological assessments are designed to explore cognitive, academic, social, emotional and behavioural concerns in order to support children’s success across their environments. Additionally, psychological assessments offer a formalized report that will provide an overview of the child’s strengths and challenges, as well as recommendations and diagnosis where appropriate. This is often essential in providing children the support they need in school. Beginning the process now can help a child be better equipped for success in the next school year.

Meet the Owner

Lorie Walton is the Owner and Lead Therapist of Family First Play Therapy Centre Inc., located in Bradford Ontario. The Centre focuses on helping children and their families deal with attachment, trauma, emotional and developmental issues.

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